Fotografía Submarina Lembe 2012

Del 5 al15 de Diciembre se celebra con motivo del 10 aniversario del Lembeh Resort unas jornadas especialmente dedicadas a la fotografía submarina. 3 fotógrafos submarinos profesionales darán charlas de diferentes temas y acompañarán a los buceadores durante sus inmersiones.

aprovecha esta ocasión de disfrutar a tope con la fotografía submarina en uno de los mejores resorts de Indonesia.


Paquete de 10 noches - 24 inmersiones: 2800 US$ (aprox: 2190 €*)

* al cambio €/$ del 10-1-2012

Durante los días anteriores a estas, aprovechando el puente de la constitución, jornadas Carlos Villoch también estárá en Lembeh Resort llevando grupos de fotógrafos españoles

Para reservas contactar con Guillermo, manager de Lembe Resort:

Lembeh es el paraíso del Muck Diving, donde es posible encontrar las especies más extrañas del planeta. Peces rana peludos, gambas mantis, pulpos miméticos y caballitos pigmeos son sólo algunos ejemplos de los encuentros habituales en esots fondos volcánicos.

los caballitos de mar pigmeos de varias especies son comunes en Indonesia.


La sepia flamboyant es una de las especies más "cotizadas" en Lembeh



1 - Making the most out of your compact camera: Compact cameras with Manual mode are very capable tools for underwater photography. In addition to external strobes and accessory lenses they can produce professional results. Learn all the tips and tricks to get their full potential. I´ll teach the basic settings of your camera like aperture, shutter speed, white balance and ISO.

2 - Discover underwater fluorescence photography: Many underwater critters produce stunning fluorescence under ultraviolet light. This amazing effect can be easily photographed and videoed with the correct use of filters and lighting. It's easy to get good results from the first dive even with simple compact cameras.  

3 - Macro photography with a compact camera: Learn which are the best camera parameters, focusing tricks and strobe position to get the maximum magnification of the smallest critters.


 3 - Use of Micro-fisheye lenses. Wide angle shot of a pigmy seahorse? Now it's possible with the latest micro-fisheye lenses available, also known as “endoscopic” or “bug-eye” lens. Discover a totally new angle to underwater photography. With a delicate focus and intriguing lighting these lenses can produce images like nothing you haver ever seen before. Lembeh and its variety of species that allow close approach is probably the best place in the world to learn the possibilities of these new lenses.

4 - Off-camera strobes: Add new light to your photos learning the technique to use remote strobes the easy way. Back-lighting and adding color to your wide angle backgrounds are some of the advantages of remote strobes. It is an easy an inexpensive way to take your photography a step further.

5 - Balanced light: wide angle and macro photography with the right amount of strobe and ambient light. Learning the good balance between aperture and shutter speed to control light in all kind of situations. Learn how to achieve beautiful blue water behind your subject or how to darken the background to draw the attention to your main subject.